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The concept of market in this part of human civilization can be successfully traced back to Harappan era. Since then, markets underwent different kind of progression and adopted various forms over centuries.

The year was 1999. For the first time in India a company was trying to sell musical CDs online. This was the first reported attempt to sell anything online. There were around 3 million internet users in those days and buying or purchasing anything…

E commerce industry with such breakneck growth rates needs to give importance to processes and guidance in place to sustain fast growth without committing fatal mistakes and heartburns for employees and customers.

The next eye-popping acquisition by Facebook to hit the news recently, after Facebook’s acquisition of Whatsapp, had left people baffled. Atleast, most of us know what Whatsapp is and can see its utility and feel its ubiquity.

In a few weak from now, India will chose its next government at the center. Surveys and opinion polls …

Finance is the backbone of a business and having a full-time seasoned chief financial officer (CFO) on board is not only difficult but an expensive task.