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The government is working on a new start-up policy that will focus on manufacturing, seek to promote innovation, and also offer tax incentives to small unlisted start-ups. The aim, a government official familiar with the matter and speaking on condition of anonymity said, is to build an entire “ecosystem”, not merely offer incentives. The policy […]

When it comes to being creative, action and achievement oriented, Indian start-up founders seem to do well, but they lack the flexibility and consultative leadership approach needed for sustainable growth of their companies, a Hay Group report said. The global management consultancy firm conducted a survey to assess the leadership traits of 150 start-up leaders. […]

Venture Capital (VC) funds have invested billions of dollars in Indian start-ups in the last two years, often at seemingly outlandish valuations. But as valuations have risen, investors have ensured their capital is protected by adding tough clauses to their fund-raising agreements. In the process, start-up founders and employees may be left with very little […]

The government is likely to issue a clarification to end the confusion over ecommerce companies that operate marketplaces, so that states do not impose taxes on them. Companies that operate such platforms these include Flipkart, Amazon India and Snapdeal, should not face the same taxes as brick and mortar retailers, a senior government official told […]

As technology, communications, and transportation have changed the way we live our lives, they have also altered the way many business operate, grow and develop. Just a few short years ago, businesses were more localized, with businesses serving a more stable, constant group of people- from a city or town. They were more likely to […]