Contract Management Services

Globalization of trade and business challenges coupled with the drive for the excellence had led to the increasing need of support system of experienced professionals in an advisory role.

Our client dedicated team of experts provides support services to legal, sales, operations, finance, procurement, and HR department with contract management services and thus assisting business organizations in creating healthy and beneficial relations in and outside the organization.

At Aristotle Company , the portfolio of services under contract management includes:

Our portfolio of services under contract management includes: –

  1. Shareholders  and Share purchase Agreement
    As the name suggests it is a binding contract between sellers of shares which can be the company or Body Corporate or Individual or all of them together and purchaser of shares, the arriving investor. Such an agreement essentially includes the market price of shares, premium amount if any, duty and responsibility of parties towards the company and each other, manner in which the shares can be used and sold and provisions with respect to powers of the board
  2. Joint Venture Agreement
    A joint venture agreement is an arrangement where two companies develop a new entity or with an existing entity for their mutual benefit. It normally involves a sharing of resources, which could include capital, personnel, physical equipment, facilities or intellectual properties.
  3. Business Association/ Partnership Agreement
    A Business Association/ partnership agreement is a document that establishes the terms of the partnership between partners.
  4. Drafting policy for Prevention of Sexual Harrasment committee
    The Prevention of Sexual Harrasment Committee is Mandatory to be established by all the entities as mentioned under the Prevention of Sexual Harrasment Committee Act, 2013. We assists in preparation of the policy and its awareness among the employees. Read more about Anti-Sexual Harassment Law
  5. ESOP plan
    An Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) is a type of employee benefit plan which is intended to encourage employees to acquire stocks or ownership in the company.
    The plan is aimed at improving the performance of the company and increasing the value of the shares by involving stock holders, who are also the employees, in the working of the company. The ESOP helps in minimizing problems related to incentives
  6. Buyback Scheme
    Buy-back of shares is opposite to the issue of shares by a company. Here instead of giving shares, the company offers to take back its own shares, which are owned by the investors, at a specified price, which is usually at a premium over the current market price
  7. Legal Notices
    We assits in drafting and filling of Legal Notices on behalf of the party(s) relating to recovery of dues/assets , employee misbhaviour, defamation and for infrigement of legal rights etc.We also assists in drafting and filling of rejoinders or replies on behalf of party (s).
  8. Vetting of  Agreements/Contracts
    Legal Vetting means making a careful and critical examination of documents to be executed in terms of law. Since, an agreement has to be read, understood and analysed as per the wordings and expression employed in the body of an agreement. It is pertinent to understand that under no circumstances any artificial word can be infused or an additional meaning can be drawn other than what is understood in literal manner.
    Therefore, it is advisable to go for a legal vetting of an agreement/documents in order to save unforeseen loses

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