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Build Your Finance Department Pack If a firms is facing trouble in handling their finance department we will come help them by identify and filling up the gaps and setting up the process or completely setting up the new finance department.

Following steps will be performed –

  • Analysing Process Gap.
  • Streamlining and Setting-up process.
  • Defining Reports structure.
  • Define the Role and responsibilities of the different teams in terms of finance perspective.
  • Documentation of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s).
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E-commerce Reconciliation Pack
  • Cleaning and maintaining of the historical data(frontend/backend).
  • Reconciliation based on clean data.
  • Revenue reconciliation (Prepaid, COD).
  • Vendor reconciliation.
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Start-up Booster Pack Aristotle Consultancy gets lots of enquiries from Start-ups looking for professional advisory, accounting, audit, payroll and secretarial, legal and compliance services. We are offering comprehensive package for start-ups at affordable cost of INR 35,000 Our complete services offered under this package:

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March Closure Pack Every 31st March comes financial year end, and we struggle with closure of books. Financial regulations change every now & then, making it difficult for Company Owners/Entrepreneurs. They tend to keep up with both business and complications of tax regulations. To help businesses with financial closures and insights on their business, Aristotle Consultancy designed a support service “March Closure Pack”. Whether it’s a Startup or SME, all your needs are covered under this pack.

INR 35,000

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