Business Advisory Services

Small enterprises typically do not have in-house skills for advice and execution related to important decisions of strategic importance like infusion of equity capital, FEMA compliance, contract vetting etc. Choosing the wrong partners to advice and execute on such transactions can be a big mistake with long term consequences. We understand the typical requirements of start-ups and SME’s and Aristotle’s wide expertise is ideally suited to help them. Our experience of working with a number of clients on different assignments & the expertise of our team helps us to be uniquely positioned to serve our clients in a holistic manner.

Corporate structure advice

We advise clients on relevant laws and regulations for various restructuring transactions. Post advice, we help in end–to-end execution for restricting transactions. Our gamut of services cover various scenarios – right from parent subsidiary relationships, spinoffs to mergers and acquisitions.

FEMA Compliance

Compliance for cross border transactions is quite cumbersome in India & is a common irritant for most companies which have to deal with them. Aristotle has significant experience in this area. Our expertise covers all types of cross border transactions – import, export, debt funding, equity capital infusion etc. our services include all aspects of such transactions – negotiating with banks for exchange rates, bank liasioning, notifying authorities, advisory, valuations and other compliances.

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ESOP Execution

We provide everything from valuation, execution and consulting services for employee stock ownership plans (ESOPs). we guide and take them through the complex financial and valuation implications of the financial, regulatory and tax aspects of Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) transactions.

We also determine if an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) is suitable for your company from a company, shareholder and employee perspective.

Business process improvement

A common problem companies which scale up fast is lack of business processes and controls to streamline operations. We do detailed studies and help clients

  • Identify process gaps
  • Define process in detail
  • Define roles & responsibilities
  • Fixing operational timelines
  • Advice & implement best practices in Finance & Accounts

Cleaning of Books

Due to various reasons companies found themselves in a situation where their bookkeeping up to date has been faulty/incomplete. This leads to a situation of conflict with vendors & customers, incorrect assessments etc. we take up such assignments & deep dive into the books & transactions to clean the book-keeping history.

ERP Finance module customization/IT Advice

A common mistake companies make is buying expensive ERP/finance software and not having anyone on board to advice on how to make the most of it. We advice clients on customization of their finance module, understanding the company’s business, requirements, authorization matrix etc.

Due Diligence

We also support clients in due diligence being conducted on them and liaison with the assessors.

Read more about Due Diligence.


A number of clients having requirements of publishing results by in functional standards due to headquarter reporting, investor requirement etc. Aristotle has capabilities to provide statements as per US GAAP & IFRS standards.

Corporate legal

We advice clients on matters related company laws. We also help clients in filing trademarks, copyrights etc

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