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Twitter’s senior executive, Rajat Malhotra, a Director of Engineering has invested an undisclosed amount in Gurgaon-based health-tech startup Credihealth Pvt. Ltd. Malhotra, an IIT Kanpur alumus with 17 years of experience in companies including ZipDial, Naukri and Genpact will help boost technology of the company. Credihealth, which started in early 2014, is an online platform […]

E-commerce has taken the world by storm. Every business venture is taking the “e-way”, setting up their shops at the virtual mall. Beyond any speck of doubt, internet has served as the backbone for the e-commerce boom. The wide access to the inexpensive internet has facilitated the proliferation of the e-commerce ecosystem. However, there exists […]

E-tailing is the new trend in the commercial landscape. The virtual shop is the latest fashion in vogue that businessmen are rapidly adopting. Be it groceries, apparel, stationery or electronics, every product can be purchased on the ubiquitous internet. The service industry is fast catching up, with even personalized services such as doctors’ opinion can […]

It’s not just the monsoon that’s raining in South India. South India is celebrating the startup shower as well. The peninsula is fast becoming the hot destination for mushrooming of startups. The region has witnessed far many startups emerging than any other region in the country. South Indians are increasingly hopping onto the startup bandwagon […]

Healthcare is the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of various illnesses, injuries and impairments of mental and physical health in human beings. Healthcare is provided by professionals in medicine, psychology, physiotherapy and allied health terminology. India is at the crossroads of a growing yet challenging period of healthcare. The central government of India has given priority […]