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With the boom in the start-up industry seen in the past few years, another industry has been growing significantly which is that of outsourcing. Typically, start-ups are instituted by a few people and face a fund crunch because of difficulty in finding investors due to the risk involved in the new venture. These organizations operate […]

Managing payrolls is a very important business function that involves many more activities than just writing paychecks. Payroll management includes a wide spectrum of tasks such as calculating salary and allowances in accordance with prevalent compensation laws, TDS computations , secretarial compliances, managing employee health and pension contributions etc. and depositing the same with the […]

Aristotle Consultancy is the premier organisation that provides complete end to end financial and accounting solutions. It is ideal for start ups and SMEs looking to off-load these vital business functions

Market regulator Sebi intends to do away with the concept of promoters for companies that will be allowed to list on a new platform it is planning for startups. The waiving of promoter tag will help startups save on costs related to regulatory compliance and also some of the obligations on the part of such […]

At present, consumers have to pay service tax for services provided by restaurants, eating-joints or messes which have air-conditioning or central air-heating