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Securing investments for startups just got a lot easier. SEBI recently announced its ambitious plan to set up an Institutional Trading Platform (ITP), exclusively for listing of startups. The decision comes as a move to provide support and much needed impetus to these new age enterprises, to allow them to realize their full potential. Eased […]

Mobile is becoming a valuable platform for businesses in the transforming landscape of retail. Mobile commerce or m-commerce has now gone mainstream. M-commerce includes the purchase and sale of a wide range of goods & services, online banking, information delivery and so on with the use of wireless handheld devices such as cellular phones and […]

The heart of any business is finance. Turning ideas into reality can be interesting for an entrepreneur. This excitement often leads to underestimation or negligence of a sound operational finance. The startups may have earned initial funds to support the setup but operational finance must be in proper arrangement. Operational finance is concerned with company’s everyday […]

With the boom in the start-up industry seen in the past few years, another industry has been growing significantly which is that of outsourcing. Typically, start-ups are instituted by a few people and face a fund crunch because of difficulty in finding investors due to the risk involved in the new venture. These organizations operate […]

Managing payrolls is a very important business function that involves many more activities than just writing paychecks. Payroll management includes a wide spectrum of tasks such as calculating salary and allowances in accordance with prevalent compensation laws, TDS computations , secretarial compliances, managing employee health and pension contributions etc. and depositing the same with the […]