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While 2014 was the year when big money became available to Indian startups, this year is an even more momentous one. Big funding deals have been few and far between, but the one thing that is making 2015 a watershed year for Indian entrepreneurship is that companies are buying and selling startups, an absolute necessity […]

It may seem like all the successful startups found funding early on. But is it so? And if yes, how much funding is enough for a startup to take off? How much money is enough to start? Possible explanations are: Some businesses choose to start on a smaller scale, and it does not matter in […]

Doing a startup is relatively popular. You know it is when universities start offering “entrepreneurship” programs. As is true for all things popular, there are people who actually do startups and those who play startup. Every startup needs to get users. If you are an actual startup you will do anything to get users – […]

Tamil Nadu’s tax officials have put on hold their plans to amend the state’s value added tax (VAT) laws which were aimed at taxing e-commerce transactions, as the new uniform goods and services tax (GST) expected to come into effect by April 2016. A commercial taxes official in Tamil Nadu told TOI that with GST […]

The new service tax rate of 14% will come into effect from June 1, in a move that will make eating out in restaurants, insurance and phone bills expensive, among many other things.The service tax is currently levied at the rate 12.36%, including education cess. In his budget speech, Jaitley had said that to facilitate […]