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The Retailers Association of India (RAI) has opposed the invitation for stakeholders’ consultation meeting on FDI policy in e-commerce sector, saying that retail should be classified on the basis of category of goods and services provided and not on the basis of channels like brick and mortar stores or e-commerce. “We, at RAI, believe that […]

It’s hard to stay on top of everything in the social media space because there’s so much happening at any given time. The problem is compounded if you have multiple accounts to handle.

Fair competition is supposed to be a culmination of firms competing to establish their dominance, maximizing social benefit in the process, could this road to dominance be destructive in a battle of unequals? The Indian startup story is witnessing several battles, where firms with more resources are leveraging, among other things, their clout over the […]

Alibaba has finally laid its hands on Indian market! Jack-Ma led company Alibaba through its marketplace AliExpress will list 100 million stock-keeping-units (SKUs) on Paytm. In February 2015, Alibaba had invested $575 million in Paytm to acquire 25% stakes in the company. During October 2014 Alibaba had pitched to Paytm to start a cross platform […]

Two back-to-back merger deals in the retail sector, which has been reeling under competitive pressure despite the rise in the spending capacity of Indians, has raised fresh hopes of the brick-and- mortar players investing in scale to take on the emerging threat from the e-commerce sector. This transition is expected to transform the retail sector […]