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On May 17th, Prime Minster Manmohan Singh will be giving his farwell address to the nation, ending his 10 year old role as the Head of the Government under the banner of UPA. Amongst many other qualities, he will also be remembered as the most qualified Prime Minister India has ever had. He was born […]

In a week, we will be getting to know who gets the people’s mandate to form the next government and the composition of the 16th Lok Sabha of India. The festival that is the Indian General Election will come to an end on 12th May and the results will be declared on 16th May 2014. […]

Deepak Dhamija provides his views on the acquisition of Occulus by Facebook and provides a simple and demystifying explanation of the reasons behind this move by Facebook. Virtual Reality is a concept which is not easily understood by many and Deepak’s simple and eloquent explanation is aimed to provide more clarity on this subject in […]

Funding in Q4 of FY 2013-14 of technology related companies in India was robust. Over Rs. 2500 crores was raised by these companies. Delhi/NCR tops the list with the amount of funding over 800 crores with Mumbai and Bangalore in 2nd and 3rd place respectively. However, the funding received by different cities is not directly […]

With the high likelihood of NDA coming to power in the 16th Lok Sabha, economists and business professionals are trying to decipher the covert and overt messages in the BJP manifesto. Overtly, the BJP opposes FDI in retail, which is not surprising as traders are a core constituency of BJP. However, Modi is known to […]