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An accountant’s competency is typically measured by his accounting knowledge, his ability to comprehend the financial numbers and understand the business’s financial processes and commercial operations. Yet an accountant who fares well in all these attributes may fail because of lack of competency in one essential trait – communication. From time to time, we get […]

When we chanced upon this question about the typical problems that are faced by startups in Finance, tax compliance on Quora, it sparked our interest. This is, of course, our domain of expertise and we would love it if we can educate the future entrepreneurs on these problems and how to solve them. It prompted […]

Startups often wonder what went wrong when an investor turns them down. We have already discussed the numbers that attract the investor’s attention more. However, there are other important aspects that a startup either ignore or believe that can be manipulated to get more from the investor. A successful investor probably receives dozens of requests […]

Introduction The biggest news that hit the online media today was the acquisition of the popular messaging service “Whatsapp” by the leading social network platform Facebook. The deal, which is currently quoted as $19 bn, involves $4 billion cash payment to Whatsapp and $12 billion dollar approximately worth of class A Facebook Common stock. An […]

Watch this short clip by John Dillard where he explains the concept of a virtual CFO in a short and concise manner:   Virtual CFO as explained by John Dillard