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There are various guides on setting up a business and we felt that we should share for aspiring startups, one such guide on setting up basic accounting function in a startup. We found an excellent guide by Jeremy Slaughter providing a step by step process for setting it up. Reproduced below is the main points […]

What is the best piece of advice one can provide to a startup CFO? This was a question that was posted on the popular online question-answer website – Quora. It received many good responses, most of which were quite insightful. We present to you one such answer as posted by Michael Wolfe: All startup jobs […]

Introduction We have already highlighted the benefit of outsourcing for a startup in some of our previous articles. To emphasize again: A startup should focus on its core area while using the expertise and resources of a service provider by outsourcing their peripheral activities to them. The objective is to free yourself to do what […]

An old management adage goes “You can’t manage what you can’t measure”. There are various ways for a startup to measure, and thus manage, its performance but what many founder do not understand is that the metrics on which the investors measure their venture may be completely different from their approach. A startup owner is […]

Building the dream team for a startup is essential and probably the first major step that goes into starting a business. As we have mentioned in our previous articles, a very important role in this team is that of a CFO. There is a variety of literature online on the subject of choosing a CFO […]