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An old management adage goes “You can’t manage what you can’t measure”. There are various ways for a startup to measure, and thus manage, its performance but what many founder do not understand is that the metrics on which the investors measure their venture may be completely different from their approach. A startup owner is […]

Building the dream team for a startup is essential and probably the first major step that goes into starting a business. As we have mentioned in our previous articles, a very important role in this team is that of a CFO. There is a variety of literature online on the subject of choosing a CFO […]

Introduction In one of the most exciting news to come from the world of ecommerce, it is reported by Times of India that two of India’s biggest online retailers – Flipkart and Myntra, may the tie the knot. It would seem that this marriage is being arranged by the common investors of both these entities. […]

Introduction Starting a business is exciting, the thrill of watching an idea turn into execution fuels the passion of an entrepreneur. But every thrill is accompanied with a risk and in case of a startup it is the risk of a failed venture or worse, financial ruin. It is extremely essential for a startup to […]

Introduction Being a Business owner is tough. Trying to source funds for the next big project, keeping the creditors at bay and maintaining a tab on receivables and spends – starting a business is probably the best way to acquire sleepless nights. Amongst the many cause of stress is, sometimes, the stubbornness of a founder […]