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A federation of seven Emirates, UAE provides limitless business opportunities to companies all over the world. Starting a business in UAE is an outstanding way of expanding business verticals, making a global standing and permissible booking international profits without paying any tax.

UAE’s economy offers the following advantages to local as well as foreign entrepreneurs and investors: –

An emerging market – Imports and exports have nearby more than doubled since 1989 and the regional economic growth along with global liberalization is predicted to further raise the demand

A flourishing market – UAE’s strategic location in the heart of one of the world’s richest regions makes it a flourishing market.

A diversified market – Catering wide import requirements, there are enough opportunities for suppliers for plentiful products

An accessible market – UAE is ladle out by 170 plus shipping lines and 86 airlines

An open market – Least or no quotas, exchange controls or trade barriers.


While company formation procedure differs from one legal form of company structure to the other, below is a summary of the bureaucracy one needs to face wishing to incorporate and register a new company in UAE.

Step1: Reserve a company name and apply for its registration at the Department of Economic Development (DED)

Step2: Apply for legalization and initial approvals from the required authorities

Step 3: Buy or rent a commercial place to conduct business activities

Step 4: Draft legal application and agreements

Step 5: Compile the required documents, legalized certificates/papers and submit the application file for final approval

Step 6: Collect your trade license

Step 7: Open a corporate bank account

Step 8: Apply for an Investor’s Visa and Investor ID

Step 9: Obtain final documents from DED including Certificate of Incorporation authorizing the start of business activities in the premises of UAE