India has always been a dream destination for multinationals, owing to the size and growth of market it offers. However, it has not been deemed among the most favourable nations for business and investments. The main reasons why the companies find it difficult to enter into India is confusion on regulatory framework, and ambiguity in policy framework . Number of difficult and non-conducive laws make the business environment difficult and adds to MNC’s wary of coming to India despite one of the most growing market in the world.

The MNC’s or Midsized companies get baffled because of the complex structure of the Indian Economy and its current approval process. When companies look to have a local partner for business advisory there are very few in this space who are either very costly or work on an arm’s length basis.

We work with companies as partners with comprehensive pricing encompassing all the required services in the field of setting-up businesses, operational finance & accounts and transactional support, regulatory compliance& advisory services.

We work as local partners who can help them ramp up their operations quickly, setup robust processes for fast growth and manage the compliances and operations through maze of Indian laws. Aristotle company is ideally suited with its core financial and regulatory expertise. As per our experience, following list of financial services, in order of priority, are especially required for companies entering India:

  1. General Accounting: Responsible for maintaining the client’s accounts and ledgers.
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  2. Payroll: Managing all payroll related activities – Formulating payroll process;
    Salary processing; Employee reimbursement processing; Handling compliances (PF, ESI, LWF, TDS); Issuing offer and employment letter; Employee exit process; Advising client on best practices for Payroll.
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  3. Taxation: Managing all taxation related activities – Processing and deposit of tax (Excise, Service Tax, Sales Tax, TDS, Corporate Tax) on a timely basis; Liasoning with the tax authorities; Advising client on taxation best practices.
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  4. Receivables & Payables Management: Managing all activities – Formulating the complete vendor payment and client receivables process; Timely transactions as per process; Account reconciliation with the vendors & clients.
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  5. Setting up financial processes and controls: Conceptualizing, formulating and implementing financial processes and controls in conjunction with the client team.
  6. Secretarial: Handling all compliances w.r.t. secretarial – Company Incorporation; ROC filings; Board Meeting compliances; Liasoning with authorities, etc.
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  7. Handling FDI Compliances: Managing the complete FDI process and compliance on behalf of the client; advise clients on routing entry strategies/procedures
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  8. Finalization of Corporate Structure: Finalizing the best form of legal entity structure considering various factors like resource requirements, fund raising requirements, tax efficiency, compliance cost, regulatory requirement etc.
  9. Fund Management: Managing the clients funds to achieve objectives of best return on capital and liquidity on behalf of the client
  10. Global Headquarters Reporting: Formulating and preparing MIS reports as required by Global Headquarters India Entry Strategy
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  11. Financial MIS & Analysis: Providing and reviewing regular financial performance reports and analysis on the cost and profitability for various product lines and business units to support decision making and providing advice from our expert financial advisors.
  12. Bank Relationships: Manage the relationship with the banks; Provide MIS and prepare presentations as required by them; Advise client on lender practices.
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  13. Budgeting & Forecasting: Creating budgets; predictive forecasts and development of market analysis; providing sensitivity analysis for various market scenarios.
  14. M&A: Supporting our clients in executing their M&A strategy by providing guidance on the benefits and risks involved. Providing post M&A support for smooth integration between companies.
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  15. Due Diligence: Undertaking due diligence on a target company on behalf of the client OR providing support and intelligence for due diligence being undertaken on client.
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