A company secretary is needed within all types of companies- whether Public Limited Company or Private Limited Company . The role of a company secretary is to carry all administrative functions of a company which includes ensuring board procedures being followed, maintaining all kinds of documents and constantly checking & improving corporate governance policies and enhancing code of business ethics.
A company secretary, therefore, is not considered a cost to the company but has an important role in the working of an organization as a whole. These are:


A company secretary is responsible to be updated with all the company compliances. He is required toensure that the administration of a company is in compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements and that the decisions of the board of directors are being implemented correctly.

Company Law

A company secretary is an expert in corporate laws and thus provides valuable advice to the directors on its key aspects. It helps the organization to take informed decisions.

Company Records

It is necessary for a company to keep a track of all the important company recordstoday to keep working efficiently in future as well.A company secretary, as mentioned before is responsible for maintaining all kinds of documents, whether manual or electronic, which includes company’s statutory registers, minute books and other statutory records.

Benefits to Stakeholder

Every stakeholder has a right to know that the company is being run in compliance to the applicable laws. A company secretary, therefore, is generally the only point of contact for company’s stakeholders. He ensures rights of the stakeholders are protected and also keeps them well informed about the company’s happenings and meetings as well.
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