Startups are typically founded at the home place of the founders – founders are comfortable with the culture, aware of the laws of the land, a ready network of contacts, and in India‘s case a fairly large market and cheap skilled labour – over and above the soft factors of being near your loved ones.
However, a number of startups, especially those with globalized markets and significant value in intellectual property, tend to move out of India. There is a mass exodus of startups started in India to places like USA and Singapore. The number of reasons are many – complex regulations and taxation laws, paperwork, poor IP protection, higher tax rates, favourable laws abroad, large markets and higher valuations to companies based abroad.
We recommend a more nuanced approach to the problem. Each business is different and companies should consider multiple factors while choosing which country suits them best. Further, one can register a company in a favourable country abroad (Typically – Delaware,US; Singapore) and register another entity in India and both companies can have a interlinked corporate structure. Companies can take the advantages of both the worlds by this approach.
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