images (49)Start-ups like represents a new breed of startups that are developing technologies for online retailers such as Flipkart that are positioning smartphones at the center of their digital strategies to sell clothes, shoes, furniture and other such products that require high shopper involvement. is in talks with all major ecommerce firms in India, as well as a few global shoe brands, for partnerships. With three pictures of your foot, the startup can assess the right fit, with a 95% accuracy.
To address this, other than, Whodat has developed technology for shoppers to visualise home decor items in their homes, and Hyderabad-based Wazzat Labs’s technology helps users search and shop for products photographed on their smartphones. Amazon has reportedly bought Pittsburgbased Shoefitr, which has developed a 3D technology for digitally identifying the right shoe size.
Some E-tailers require smartphone users to download E-tailers mobile apps to shop, E-tailers shut their mobile websites. Smartphones, given that they are equipped with location sensors, cameras and microphones, can make the virtual shopping experience more personalised with the right technology embedded in the retailers apps.
Smartphones are becoming common in India with both handset makers and mobile operators dropping prices. And according to a study by Google Shopper Marketing Agency Council and M/A/R/C Research in 2013, 79% of smartphone owners in the country used their handsets to shop. India is expected to become the second-largest smartphone market in the world with 200 million users in 2016, next only to China, according to research firm Emarketer.
I this is a new way how shopping online will going to be? Or too much of technology will take the other way around?
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Source – Economictimes