“New Year Resolution”, we have heard this word multiple times in our life, definitely at the time of New Year. We see multiple posts on our social media platform about the new year resolution posted by our friends, relatives & colleagues. All of us must have set a new year resolution once at some point of our life. Have you all did the same? If yes! Please let me know.

As we all know that last two years was really the challenging years, especially for small businesses because of COVID-19. With 2021 coming to an end, we all should gear up for the best

Every next level of your life will always demand a different version of you. In other word that if you are a goal getter and in this year you either want to start a business or accelerate your current one, then it’ll be absolutely necessary that there is a facelift on not only your mindset but also how you approach people and other things. So, here are some tips about your new year resolution:

Invest in Yourself

The first New Year resolution that you all should have in your resolution list is, to make an investment in yourself, specifically on mentorship, learning new skills and education. There is a famous quote, “The best investment you can make, is an investment in yourself. The more your Learn, the more you will Earn”, written by “Warren Buffet.”

I believe that, “We can’t learn everything, but we can definitely learn something from everyone”. So you should invest in yourself in many ways, such as buying new books, doing some skill development courses, taking trainings, hiring mentors, etc., this may help you all a lot in starting a new business or scaling your existing business to the next level.

Information Declutter

The next thing that you all should have in your resolution list is, that of Information Declutter, here the meaning of “Declutter” is “to remove unnecessary feeds from your groups, publish media and social media accounts”.

If your social media feed, whether it is Instagram, Facebook or YouTube, etc. if it’s constantly flooded with unnecessary videos, memes, celebrity drama, etc. don’t you think that it will indirectly affect your growth as an entrepreneur? I honestly believe that it will, especially if you engage with these accounts. That’s actually signaling to the algorithms of the social media platform, whichever you are using. That’s why those social media platforms continuously pushes the same type of contents on your feed.

So on this New Year try to declutter all the unnecessary and unproductive items from your information netowrk. For example you may consider unsubscribing and unfollowing those irrelevant accounts from your social media platform. You also can subscribe new YouTube channels and Instagram accounts related to your business, product or industry in which you are.

Train your mind to see the fear differently

The next thing that you all should have in your resolution list is, that to train your mind to see the fear differently. Now this is more of a mindset shift than anything, but it is so crucial if you want to accelerate your business as an entrepreneur in the year 2022. Now the reason why this is so important, especially if you’re sole proprietor, you don’t have a team that’s pushing you forward. For many entrepreneurs, what’s preventing them from moving faster in their business is usually their inability to handle the fear and discomfort. That fear and discomfort can include many things, this could be being afraid of what your friends, family and other might think of you for pursuing your business idea. So here I’ll tell you all that stop thinking about what other thinks about you, it’s you that who should believe in yourself not others.

Even every successful entrepreneur that you admire had also gone through the same phase of fear that you are in. But what’s made them successful is their ability to face the fear and tackle it. That’s why if you also want to achieve a milestone in your entrepreneur journey in this coming year, then it is absolutely imperative that you have to change your mindset and your perspective on how you deal with fear. Rather than seeing fear and running away from it, you need to be able to deal with it and overcome your fear. You can overcome your fear by doing the same thing again and again that makes you afraid.

These are 3 points from our side, which you may consider in your New Year resolution.

We wish you all a very Happy New Year and a great success.