Lead Generation is considered one of the most important aspects of business growth, which cannot be avoided, especially, if you are a small business enterprise.
It is a marketing process that helps in stimulating and capturing interest in a product or service for the purpose of developing sales pipeline.
Being one of the most important aspects, it is equally daunting and complicating task to carry. And if not carried properly it can lead to various difficulties for your business. Therefore, this process needs a good amount of planning and strategizing.
With increasing competition in markets and interests of consumers, it has become more important to invest in B2B lead generation processes. It is,therefore,a task to choose the appropriate channel for lead generation out of a large number of channels available and focus on it with full efficiency.
Some of the common challenges faced during lead generation are

1. Lack of Insight

Lack of insight leads to not finding the right strategy. Also, a very good strategy for generating business can go in vain if all important information relating to your target customer is not collected diligently. This might also happen if you do not have a good marketing team or a team with less experience and expertise in this field. Therefore, it is necessary to do all the market researches efficiently before coming to any strategy.

2. Lack of Knowledge

Before investing in any lead generation campaign it is important to know how to track or check the effectiveness of a campaign. Without having required knowledge, the whole campaign goes waste. Therefore, objectives must be clear before making any decision.
Also, if you do not have enough resources or capabilities to analyses the progress of a campaign, it must be outsourced to the respective service provider. For example:

3. Lack of Resources

Not having enough resources to be able to answer to all the queries asked by leads during the process of lead generation can cause the business to lose target customers which in turn hampers the image of your business in front of other clients.

4. Ineffective Lead Generation Campaign

Running a campaign similar to that of your competitors may not always turn out to be effective. Every business has different requirements and what works for one business does not always mean that it will work for your business too.
Therefore, utilizing good amount of time in planning and strategizing your campaign according to the needs of your business is considered to be an effective process.

5. Lack of Data or Expertise

Neither having too much data nor having very little data is desirable. But because of increase in digitalization, you mightget access to a lot of data which then should be used appropriately by the team. For this, you should have the expertise to convert raw data into something which can be used for lead generation. But this gets difficult as small business does not have enough in-house resources, to solve this problem you should hire services of lead generation expert.
Therefore, you should keep in mind these few steps for the having a successful lead generation: start simple, focus on few, document and record, analyse progress and repeat.