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  • 16 Tax Deductions for Small Business

    List of Tax Deductions for Small Business Every small business owner wants to maximize credit— and there is only one way- by reducing tax. Small businesses are privately owned corporations, partnership or sole proprietor that has fewer employees and/or less annual revenue than a regular-sized business or corporation. Businesses are defined as “small” in terms of being […]

  • Advantages of One Person Company

    One Person Company- New Age Business One Person Company was introduced in India through Companies Act 2013, a new concept which brought a great relief for many Entrepreneurs. Section 2(62) defines OPC as a Company which has only one person as a member. He is the shareholder and the Director at the same time. The […]

  • Seven Ways to Manage Accounts Receivable Efficiently

    Efficient Accounts Receivable (AR) controls are an integral part of cash flow management that have serious repercussions on the company’s sales and profits. Accounts Receivable controls must be an integral part of any company’s financial management system. When cash flow problems surface on a regular basis, it is inevitably a sign that Accounts Receivables are […]

  • Accounts Receivable Guide to Managing Cash Flows

    There is a direct relationship between your firm’s growth and its working capital requirement. As your sales grow, your level and composition of working capital, namely, Inventory, Receivables, Cash, Payables, Short Term Loans etc. will also change. Accounts Receivables (AR) is one of the major components impacting the requirement of working capital. AR is a […]

  • Financial Advisory Services: 11 Traits of Top Financial Advisor

    11 Qualities of a Successful Financial Advisor What is a Financial Advisor? For a corporate, financial advice at the right time and by a right person is an important aspect. If they are earning good amount of profit but they are not investing it on the right place with the right timings, corporate cannot grow […]


  • Virtual CFO services gaining traction in NCR region

    Finance is the backbone of a business and having a full-time seasoned chief financial officer (CFO) on board is not only difficult but an expensive task.

    Publication : Economictimes
  • UPA’s Best Intentions Waylaid By Policy Paralysis, Ineffective Implementation

    In a few weak from now, India will chose its next government at the center. Surveys and opinion polls …

    Publication : Power Corridor
  • E-commerce is big, its operational finance issues are bigger

    E commerce industry with such breakneck growth rates needs to give importance to processes and guidance in place to sustain fast growth without committing fatal mistakes and heartburns for employees and customers.

    Publication : Images retail
  • Oh, So Indian, So Tier II

    The year was 1999. For the first time in India a company was trying to sell musical CDs online. This was the first reported attempt to sell anything online. There were around 3 million internet users in those days and buying or purchasing anything…

    Publication : Business World
  • Demystifying Facebook’s acquisition of Oculus

    The next eye-popping acquisition by Facebook to hit the news recently, after Facebook’s acquisition of Whatsapp, had left people baffled. Atleast, most of us know what Whatsapp is and can see its utility and feel its ubiquity.

    Publication : Millennium Post
  • VAT troubled e-commerce giants Amazon and Flipkart looking Telangana as an alternate

    “Deepak Dhamija shares his insights on Telangana: New hub emerging in South India, published in newspaper Business Standard – Telangana a magnet for e-commerce, retail, aviation companies. Complete article given below” Telangana industries minister Jupally Krishna Rao assures 100% transparency and 15 days requisite permission will be given to setup industry in their state, giving competition […]

    Publication : Business Standard
  • Follow the Trojan Horse principle, get inside & work

    As far as I remember, the most common bane I heard was –Instead of focussing on product & customer satisfaction, most of my time goes in grappling with these compliances, taxes, regulatory affairs

    Publication : Moneycontrol.com
  • E-commerce in India – A Reality Check

    Our Director Mr. Sanjeev Lamba has shared his view point on ‘E-commerce in India – a reality check’ in The Global Analyst magazine’s May 2016 edition. You can read here as well – From high GMV’s to lowering of valuation, from emphasis on efficiency and even profitability, and a new policy regime—this was the Indian […]

    Publication : The Global Analyst
  • Business service providers betting big on startups with great deals

    “Deepak Dhamija talking about recently launched Startup booster plan designed for Startups – published in newspaper The Economic Times – Business service providers betting big on Startups with great deals. Complete article given below” After investors and incubators, now business service providers too are betting big on the ongoing startup boom, offering new entrepreneurs all kinds […]

    Publication : The Economic Times
  • How can your startup manage complex financial regulatory issues? Ask Aristotle

    In the contemporary startup ecosystem, it is not unusual for entrepreneurs to focus more on the products and services they offer. Limited budgets often lead them to outsource matters like finance and accounts to professionals, as setting up in-house teams for financial solutions can be expensive. Also, a lot of time, which could be better […]

    Publication : YourStory
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