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  • Govt policy

    Govt readies new policy on start-ups

    The government is working on a new start-up policy that will focus on manufacturing, seek to promote innovation, and also offer tax incentives to small unlisted start-ups. The aim, a government official familiar with the matter and speaking on condition of anonymity said, is to build an entire “ecosystem”, not merely offer incentives. The policy […]

  • Start-up leaders more creative but less flexible

    When it comes to being creative, action and achievement oriented, Indian start-up founders seem to do well, but they lack the flexibility and consultative leadership approach needed for sustainable growth of their companies, a Hay Group report said. The global management consultancy firm conducted a survey to assess the leadership traits of 150 start-up leaders. […]

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    Venture capitalists add tough riders to fund-raising pacts

    Venture Capital (VC) funds have invested billions of dollars in Indian start-ups in the last two years, often at seemingly outlandish valuations. But as valuations have risen, investors have ensured their capital is protected by adding tough clauses to their fund-raising agreements. In the process, start-up founders and employees may be left with very little […]

  • Laying rules

    Government likely to clarify confusion over tax norms for e-commerce companies

    The government is likely to issue a clarification to end the confusion over ecommerce companies that operate marketplaces, so that states do not impose taxes on them. Companies that operate such platforms these include Flipkart, Amazon India and Snapdeal, should not face the same taxes as brick and mortar retailers, a senior government official told […]

  • Legal and Tax

    New-age business and their business model taxes and legalities

    As technology, communications, and transportation have changed the way we live our lives, they have also altered the way many business operate, grow and develop. Just a few short years ago, businesses were more localized, with businesses serving a more stable, constant group of people- from a city or town. They were more likely to […]


  • Business service providers betting big on startups with great deals

    “Deepak Dhamija talking about recently launched Startup booster plan designed for Startups – published in newspaper The Economic Times – Business service providers betting big on Startups with great deals. Complete article given below” After investors and incubators, now business service providers too are betting big on the ongoing startup boom, offering new entrepreneurs all kinds […]

    Publication : The Economic Times
  • How can your startup manage complex financial regulatory issues? Ask Aristotle

    In the contemporary startup ecosystem, it is not unusual for entrepreneurs to focus more on the products and services they offer. Limited budgets often lead them to outsource matters like finance and accounts to professionals, as setting up in-house teams for financial solutions can be expensive. Also, a lot of time, which could be better […]

    Publication : YourStory
  • Handling startups’ finances – ET Wealth

    “Deepak Dhamija talking about the idea behind Aristotle Consultancy and how its helping startups manage finance and accounts, published in ET Wealth titled – Handling Startup’ Finances” Featured – The Economic Times Wealth Managing finance functions is one of the major pain points of startups— given shoestring budgets that do not allow for the services […]

    Publication : The Economic Times Wealth
  • Business with a difference

    “What’s differentiating Corporate and Startup culture, Deepak Dhamija shares his insights in Economic Times titled – Business with a difference” Here are a few things that start-ups do differently from the rest of the corporate world. Start-ups speak a different corporate parlance and it’s most evident in the way they treat their employees. Be it […]

    Publication : The Economic Times
  • New-age firms disrupting hiring processes as well

    “Deepak Dhamija shares his insights on disruption in hiring process due to startup firms, published in all the major newspaper, magazine and free media titled – New-age firms disrupting hiring processes as well. Complete article given below” Featured in – Economic Times, The Hindu – Business Line, India Today, NDTV profit, Business Today, Free Press […]

    Publication : Economic Times, Business Line, Business Today, NDTV profit, India Today Read More...
  • VAT troubled e-commerce giants Amazon and Flipkart looking Telangana as an alternate

    “Deepak Dhamija shares his insights on Telangana: New hub emerging in South India, published in newspaper Business Standard – Telangana a magnet for e-commerce, retail, aviation companies. Complete article given below” Telangana industries minister Jupally Krishna Rao assures 100% transparency and 15 days requisite permission will be given to setup industry in their state, giving competition […]

    Publication : Business Standard
  • Freelance CFOs, the unsung startup heroes

    Sanjeev Lamba shares his insights on the importance of financial outsourcing for startups, published in the business section of The Times of India titled – Freelance CFOs, the unsung startup heroes. Complete article given below.

    Publication : The Times of India
  • Remember the service tax

    Sanjeev Lamba shares his insights on the Service Tax in India, published in The Hindu BusinessLine titled – Remember the service tax. Complete article given below”

    Publication : The Hindu BusinessLine
  • E-Commerce IPOs may build up, consolidation ahead

    Deepak Dhamija shares his insights on the Future of E-Commerce industry in India, published in all the major newspaper

    Publication : EconomicTimes, Business Standard, The Hindu, Zeebusiness, NDTV Profit, ETRetail, The Pioneer Read More...
  • How investment options stack up

    It is very common to see people seeking investment options only when the need arises, which is at the end of the financial year for tax saving purposes. At the eleventh hour, many salaried people are anxious about investments and “receipts management”.

    Publication : DNAINDIA
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